Shriver Job Corps Center

job description

Responsible to provide preventative and emergency health services and wellness education to students. Evaluates, determines and recommends appropriate medical, mental health and dental services for student population. Ensures confidentiality of sensitive information and compliance with all HIPAA laws.

o Follows all integrity guidelines and procedures and ensures no manipulation of student data.

o Assists Wellness Director to coordinate and provide medical, mental and dental services for students.

o Complies with local and federal guidelines for the administration of all medications and maintenance of medical records.

o Ensures compliance with HIPPA and other applicable laws and regulations regarding patient privacy and the maintenance of medical records.

o May assist in conducting cursory medical examinations for students as allowed by state practice law).

o Performs first aid treatment, bedside patient care and other wellness services as required.

o Maintains a clean, organized and sanitary environment within Wellness Services.

o Produces quality work/assignments in a thorough, timely and accurate manner.

o Maintains appropriate personal attendance, accountability and work productivity standards.

o Plans, prioritizes and organizes assignments to meet established goals and deadlines.

o Understands and applies job knowledge to effectively complete all required job responsibilities. Proactively maintains the skills required to perform job duties.

o Mentors, monitors and models the Career Success Standards as required by the PRH.

o Shows respect and courtesy to students and holds them accountable for their actions and behavior.

o Provides quality programs and services for students and ensures that quality is maintained and student needs are met. Pursues improvement and enhancement of programs and services.

o Exchanges ideas and information, both orally and in writing, in a clear and concise manner and contributes meaningfully to group efforts by offering relevant ideas and knowledge. Provides quality and timely information to DOL/Company when requested.

o Effectively articulates thoughts and ideas. Identifies problems, analyzes causes and evaluates appropriate solutions prior to taking or recommending actions. Follows up to ensure prompt/appropriate action is taken and that problems are in fact corrected.

o Works in partnership with staff from all Departments to ensure effective supervision and services are provided to students.

o Accepts direction and supervision from the Center Director/Center Duty Officer/Shift Manager to include assignments to temporarily perform job responsibilities of other departments and positions.

o Other duties as assigned.


Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 9am - 6pm

contact information

business: Shriver Job Corps Center
address: 270 Jackson Road
Devens, MA 01434-5100
phone: 978-784-2600 (Call Now)
website: https://www.paycomonline.net/v4/ats/web.php/jobs/ViewJobDetails?job=116997&clientkey=60B749D041AA2C3C308C2E6560F852C5

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